How do I Stop My Teeth from Shifting during Pregnancy?

After recently interacting with women who have had babies, many mentioned that their lower teeth shifted. That raises the question; “Can pregnancy cause teeth to shift?” What if there’s a solution to keep teeth from shifting after having a child, and to keep that smile you can be confident about. Changes in a Woman's Body During pregnancy, many hormones are…

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Do I have to wear elastics with my braces?

Stretchy, plastic elastics are used for many purposes. They tie things together, secure ponytails and even add resistance to workouts. If you ever had braces, or know someone with braces, you may be familiar with elastics that connect to braces between the jaws. These are often referred to as rubber bands. So, what do they really do and why are…

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DIY Clear Aligners vs Invisalign with a Dentist

You want straight teeth…who doesn’t? Looking at footage from the Toronto Raptors Championship parade shows Kyle Lowry does too! You may have noticed him taking off his clear aligners during the event. This approach to straighten teeth has become very popular these days for individuals of all ages. Certainly, you may have heard of DIY braces or direct-to-consumer aligners, often…

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What makes clear aligners different from braces?

Straightening teeth and getting a beautiful, healthy smile with invisible/clear dental materials is the new hot trend! Clear aligners, most notably Invisalign, work as a series of trays that progressively move your teeth. Clear aligners (Invisalign) looks great, so it definitely has an aesthetic benefit, but it comes with a huge patient responsibility - compliance. I will discuss some common…

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Clear Bracket Braces. Are They Right for You?

Now you see them, now you…don't! Who wouldn't enjoy a straight set of pearly whites using invisible braces? 😄Is it possible to get your teeth straight without anyone noticing or having the look of metal on your teeth? With more and more adults receiving orthodontic treatment and desire for aesthetics more in demand than ever, patients often wonder if it is possible…

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