The Best Age for Kids to See an Orthodontist

What the best age for an orthodontic assessment? Well, the rule of thumb is, it’s better to be early when taking your kids to see an orthodontist. Many children will benefit from early preventative orthodontic treatment to reduce the complexity and duration of treatment later on. This article will discuss the approximate age at which kids should see an orthodontist…

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How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

Dental caries, also known as tooth decay, is the 10th most common and preventable disease in the world. Studies have shown that first-world countries (ie. Australia, America, UK) have over 50% of children developing dental cavities by the age of six. Overall, it affects approximately 621 million children worldwide, which is a major concern, because tooth decay is easily preventable in children.…

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Thumb Sucking and Dummies – Break Bad Habits

Babies have a biological desire to suck on fingers and objects (ie. dummies, pacifiers, toys). These habits are considered to be self-soothing and they often provide comfort to children. Up until a certain age, there is no detrimental effect to the teeth or jaws from these habits. This article will discuss the age at which thumb sucking and dummies become…

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