Thumb Sucking and Dummies – Break Bad Habits

Babies have a biological desire to suck on fingers and objects (ie. dummies, pacifiers, toys). These habits are considered to be self-soothing and they often provide comfort to children. Up until a certain age, there is no detrimental effect to the teeth or jaws from these habits. This article will discuss the age at which thumb sucking and dummies become…

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Teeth Whitening at Home During COVID Lockdown!

During a global pandemic (aka the Coronavirus season), it can be difficult to maintain routine dental visits. Plus, you'll find yourself taking more photos to stay connected with your friends and family...which means your teeth are going to be on FULL display. So how can you do teeth whitening at home? Well, that's easy because this article will give you…

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Lemon Water – Is It Bad For Your Teeth?

Lemon water helps with weight loss, detoxification, digestion, it's an excellent source of Vitamin C, boosts immunity, provides antioxidants, BUT, it's bad for your teeth. In recent years, the popularity of lemon water has drastically increased, perhaps due to the rumours floating around social media which state that lemon water aids in weight loss and the benefits of lemon water…

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Swirlit – Honest Dentist Review

Swirlit is a novel bottled beverage that claims to be good for your teeth. Aside from water, there is little out there that dentists feel comfortable recommending to their patients in the beverage market. So does Swirlit, a tea-based beverage created by a dentist, breakthrough as an alternative to sugary and acidic drinks? Watch the Video to See Swirlit Reviewed…

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How Do I Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

Let’s be honest, everyone is self-conscious about bad breath. Once you realize you have it, you immediately jump into action and buy chewing gum, mints, mouthwash, etc…but everything feels like a temporary fix! Unfortunately, bad breath can be caused by multiple factors – dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, tartar build-up, medications, the type of food you eat, and even infections.…

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