Is SpaceX Hiring Space Dentists?

OH MY GOD! Did YOU see that BIG ROCKET! Some Background SpaceX just kicked total a** and successfully launched their Falcon Heavy rocket from the infamous Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Falcon Heavy is a seriously powerful rocket. As a matter of fact, it is the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two! Here it is sitting on the…

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Can Facebook Help You Get New Patients

An exciting thought, isn't it? You are working tremendously hard to build your dental practice, but you can't help wonder if you are doing everything possible to make sure patients find your practice in the ocean of competitors. What makes you any different from the hundreds of other dental practices in your city battling for the same attention? Generally speaking,…

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Lessons we Miss in Dental School about Associateships

It is one of the most incredible and joyous occasions when you receive the manilla envelope in your mailbox with the heavy cardstock paper inscribed with the three most amazing letters, D.D.S (or D.M.D). This moment is celebrated, shared with family, friends and mentors and cherished because a Dental Degree is a remarkable accomplishment. To become a dentist it takes…

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