Cocofloss – A Dentist’s Review

Do you give a toss about fancy floss? Well, Cocofloss thinks you might.
In recent times people have made some pretty compelling claims about coconut and its health benefits. So the folks at Cocofloss have glammed up one of the least-loved products in dentistry – floss, by infusing it with coconut oil and nice aromas. And truth be told, I have to give respect to Cocofloss for trying. Will nice tasting and smelling floss be a winning combination like Bieber & DJ Khaled’s hit singles? Read below for a dentist’s review on Cocofloss.


Why is Flossing Important?

As a dentist, we know patients generally don’t floss every day – no need to lie to us. We know that it takes time, your gums might bleed and the floss might occasionally get stuck. But we also know, flossing is A MUST and it removes plaque, food particles and debris. If you don’t floss, then billions of bacteria that live in your mouth can cause gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath. Tips on how to get rid of bad breath can be found by clicking here

One of the biggest tips I give to patients who want to avoid gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath is to floss more often. So, if you are someone who flosses regularly, congratulations! However, if you are the majority who don’t enjoy flossing, then maybe you need to make it more exciting. Cocofloss is hoping to appeal to people with pretty packaging, pleasant aromas and some unproven claims about their product having ingredients that are better than standard floss (ie. coconut oil).

Given I am a dentist, I want to shed some light on Cocofloss claiming the antibacterial benefits of Coconut oil, thus making their floss better than standard floss…that’s debatable. Because the main benefit of any floss system is its ability to physically disturb and remove plaque. So even if a handful of studies found a small benefit of coconut oil, there would be more studies arguing the opposite – and the argument would just go back and forth.

A Dentist’s Review of Cocofloss

Dr Paul Ansell dentist
  • Taste: The flavouring is subtle with a hint of mint, strawberries, orange and coconut 
  • Smell: Each floss has a pleasant smell, which corresponds to its flavour. I feel like they play on your smell senses more than your taste senses.
  • Texture: Very smooth. It’s slightly thicker than regular floss, which I found easier to grip. However, if your teeth are crowded, then the thick floss might be hard to slide in between teeth.
  • Packaging: The most clever being the see-through plastic with a cheeky guide explaining how much floss you have left. Lord knows the disappointment I’ve felt when my floss has unexpectedly run out and I’m left clutching a tiny strand. But do people really actually care about what their floss packet looks like? I presume some will
  • Price: Slightly pricey. The price of regular floss is approximately $3 for 55 yards, whereas CocoFloss is $8 for 32 yards. However, an individual’s perceived value really comes into play here – because if Cocofloss motivates you to floss more, then should a little extra cost be a dealbreaker for you? Go out and treat-yo-self.
Cocofloss review

Every Dentist’s Main Concern

How do we motivate patients to floss? As dentists, we don’t have the best track record for motivating patients to floss more. So if you buy Cocofloss for yourself as a luxe treat and you’re motivated to do it regularly because it smells and tastes great, then that gets a big tick from me (the dentist)!

Better still, you could give it to someone with bad breath. It’s so cute and fashionable, that the person you’re gifting it to will most likely be thrilled and won’t question your motives or be offended.

Overall Review of Cocofloss

The styling of Cocofloss is nice. It feels, looks and smells lovely, which might result in more people being excited about flossing! The floss itself is not the thinnest nor the easiest to slide in between teeth, so if you have crowding, you most likely won’t enjoy Cocofloss. But if fashionable, luxurious floss will make the task of flossing more exciting for you, then it gets a big tick of approval from me (the dentist).

To purchase Cocofloss, head to any Sephora or Target store. Alternatively, you can purchase Cocofloss directly from the website, by clicking here.


Paul Ansell

Hello, I’m Paul, a dentist based in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been practicing for 20 years, and I’m still not bored of dentistry. I strive to offer very personalised advice and treatment to my patients, and I believe in encouraging my patients to take control of their oral health. I have a keen interest in providing rehabilitative and cosmetic solutions to my patients and get great satisfaction in helping anxious patients reach their treatment goals. When I’m not in the clinic, I enjoy testing out new dental products in the market and making honest reviews for The Dental Pen.

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Cocofloss – A Dentist’s Review
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