Coronavirus Symptoms – How to Prepare Yourself

Truth be told, most of us will either get the Coronavirus (Covid-19), or we will come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus. At the moment, it’s estimated that 60-70% of the population will get Covid-19, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if you test positive. Currently, there are a lot of articles on the internet about “How to Avoid the Coronavirus”, actually there’s an excellent article on The Dental Pen by Dr. Amanda, click here to check it out. However, there’s very little on the Internet about what to expect when you DO get Coronavirus. Therefore, this article will cover tips on what you can do to prepare for Coronavirus symptoms.

Currently, a majority of the people testing positive for Coronavirus are being sent home for self-isolation, and only the severe cases are being kept in hospital. Therefore, it’s important for you to prepare yourself while you still have the freedom to roam around and buy things to manage your symptoms. On a side note, if you rather watch a VIDEO summary of this article, then please scroll to the bottom where you will find a video for your convenience.

Tips to Deal with Coronavirus Symptoms

Tip #1: Relax on the Toilet Paper

There’s no need to hoard toilet paper, because it won’t protect you from Coronavirus, nor will it help you recover from Coronavirus.

toilet paper crisis during coronavirus

Tip #2: Prepare Soup

Prepare a big batch of soup and throw it into the freezer. This way you’re prepared, and you can take the soup out of the freezer when you’re starting to feel sick and don’t have the energy to cook.

To make a simple soup, throw some vegetables and meat into a large pot (preferably a slow cooker), add some broth or water, add some salt + pepper, and then leave it on low heat for 1-2 hours. Voila, you will have healthy SOUP ready-to-go, instead of drinking the unhealthy soup cans, which are full of sodium (aka salt).

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, and want some exciting soup recipes, click here.

Tip #3: Buy Some Pain Medication

At the moment, WHO (World Health Organization) has recommended patients with Coronavirus symptoms to only use Paracetamol (also known as Acetaminophen) to manage pain. Depending on the country you live in, the brand names for Paracetamol are Tylenol or Panadol. Remember to check the bottle for the recommended doses, and DO NOT go over the maximum dose. If pain is unmanageable after taking Paracetamol, please consult a doctor.

Currently, some crazy people are starting to excessively buy and hoard Paracetamol. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if you don’t see any in stores at the moment. Thankfully, a lot of stores are now putting a limit on how many boxes of Paracetamol you can buy, plus they are working very hard to restock the shelves. So stay calm. In the meantime, ask your friends or family if they have any spare Paracetamol at home they can share with you.

Tip #4: Humidifiers

Humidifiers add moisture to the air by releasing water mist, and they are great at preventing dryness in your throat, nose, skin and lips. I personally love my humidifier when I’m sick and have trouble breathing through my blocked nose. Alternatively, if you don’t want to purchase a humidifier, you can simply take a hot shower and breathe in the steam to open up your blocked nose.

Tip #5: Cough Syrup

One of the Coronavirus symptoms is a dry cough. Therefore, it’s recommended that you have a bottle of cough syrup in your medicine cabinet.

Tip #6: Tea

Since coughing is one of the symptoms of Coronavirus, it’s likely that your throat will become quite sore and irritated. Thus, buy some teabags, ginger and honey to help soothe the throat. Teas that are known to be helpful for irritated throats are chamomile tea, green tea and peppermint tea.

Tip #7: Healthy Snacks

The best way to have a speedy recovery from viral symptoms is to maintain a healthy diet. There are plenty of snacks you can buy that will last in the fridge/pantry for weeks, even months. Some of my favourite things to snack on are: apples, almonds, dark chocolate, carrots & hummus, cheese and crackers. All of these snacks have a long shelf life. To read more about healthy snacks you can buy during the Coronavirus season, click here.

healthy snacks to eat during coronavirus pandemic

Tip #8: Have Your Inhalers Ready

If you have asthma, please have your inhalers ready. Get them refilled or get a new one if your current one is expired.

Refill inhalers during coronavirus pandemic

Tip #9: Drink LOTS of Water & Wash Your Hands!

Hydration is key when you’re recovering from viral symptoms. Try your best to drink water at every hour interval.  Also, remember to keep up with your hand hygiene.

Stay hydrated during coronavirus season

Tip #10: Please, Don’t Panic

Please don’t misinterpret the definition of a “Lockdown”. If your country goes into lockdown, this does NOT mean the supermarkets and pharmacies will completely shut down. Take for example Italy, they are under lockdown, but they still have their supermarkets and pharmacies OPEN. Please keep this important fact in mind the next time you go shopping and are tempted to buy 6 months worth of food and toilet paper.

Empty shelves at supermarkets during coronavirus pandemic

Lastly, I know it’s a bit chaotic in the world at the moment.  Plus, media outlets are mainly focused on sharing the total number of Coronavirus cases in each country. But, let’s not forget the fact that people ARE RECOVERING from the Coronavirus. Everything will be okay if we simply follow the health ministry’s recommendations. I hope we can all help each other and come out of this whole situation stronger and closer as a nation.

Don't panic in the Coronavirus pandemic

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Coronavirus Symptoms – How to Prepare Yourself
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