Swirlit Review by a Dentist (Not Sponsored)

Swirlit is a sugar-free, non-acidic tea. It’s a novel bottled beverage that claims to be good for your teeth. According to dentists, water is the only beverage that doesn’t cause damage to your teeth. Therefore, there is little out there that dentists feel comfortable recommending to their patients in the beverage market, which is sugar-free and pH neutral. So does Swirlit, a tea-based beverage, breakthrough as an alternative to sugary and acidic drinks? Dr. Paul, compares Swirlit to other drinks on the market and discusses its taste, pH, and overall experience. Please note that Dr. Paul, nor the Dental Pen team was sponsored by Swirlit for this review.

Swirlit Review

Swirlit Review Summarised

  1. Acidity Test: After performing the acidity test (pH test), Swirlit indeed passed the test. It was seen to have a neutral pH, meaning it was NON-acidic.
  2. Sugar Test: No added sugar. All the Swirlit beverages are sweetened with Xylitol, which does not cause tooth decay. This is because the bacteria in the mouth are unable to process Xylitol into the harmful acids that cause tooth damage. However, it’s important to note that Xylitol does contain calories.
  3. Taste Test: The taste isn’t as refreshing or as palate-cleansing as some of the other acidic drinks on the market, but Swirlit is definitely more exciting to drink than plain water.
  4. Price: Swirlit is an Australian based product. Thus, it’s only available for shipping within Australia. It is currently priced at $30 for six 225mL bottles. Making each bottle approximately $5. Definitely on the pricey range.
  5. Overall Opinion: As a dentist, I would be happy to recommend this product to my patients. Swirlit is a great invention and it definitely provides its fair share of health benefits. However, its price is probably its only down-side.

To purchase bottles of Swirlit, please visit their website, by clicking the following link: Swirlit.com

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Swirlit Review by a Dentist (Not Sponsored)
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